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Sourdough Beginner Guide

Looking to begin your sourdough journey? Have a sourdough question you want answered? This sourdough beginner guide is for you! Start at the beginning and work your way through or click on the area you need help with the most to get started!

Sourdough Artisan Bread Guide

Sourdough Artisan Bread Guide

This sourdough artisan bread guide will take you step by step through the process of making a delicious loaf of sourdough artisan bread. Get all your questions answered and learn the basics of sourdough artisan bread today!

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Beginner Sourdough Recipes

Once your sourdough starter is ripe, active and strong, give some of these easy beginner sourdough recipe a try. These are the perfect beginner recipes to help you get started learning the delicious art of sourdough!

No-Knead Beginner Sourdough

The perfect no knead, rustic sourdough bread for beginners! This recipe will produce a crunchy crust, yummy middle and it does all the work itself in…

Crispy Sourdough Discard Waffles

Crispy and flavorful, topped with fresh berries and hot syrup makes for the perfect sourdough discard waffle.

The Best Sourdough Discard Sandwich Bread

Light, fluffy and super soft, this sourdough discard sandwich bread is the perfect way to use up your sourdough discard. Bake two delicious loaves of sandwich…

Cheesy Sourdough Breadsticks

Easy, cheesy sourdough breadsticks get gobbled up every time I make them. They are incredibly tasty and the perfect beginner sourdough recipe. Think: simple sourdough dough…

Sourdough No Knead Crescent Rolls

Buttery, sourdough no-knead crescent rolls made with 100% active sourdough–no instant yeast! These are the easiest and most delicious little rolls that are perfect for a…

Advanced Sourdough Recipes

These more advanced sourdough recipes are perfect once you are feeling comfortable with your sourdough starter, working with different levels of hydration in your dough and are ready to branch out using sourdough in different ways.

Sourdough Rye Bread

Sourdough Rye bread inspired by the rye bread eaten daily in the Czech Republic. This rye bread is made with 100% sourdough, rye, whole wheat flour and…

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Sourdough Kolache

A light, tender and delicious Czech-inspired pastry. This recipe makes 24 delicious fruit-filled kolaches with 100% natural yeast. Perfect for a special breakfast or to make for…

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Sourdough Focaccia Bread

Crispy, light and airy sourdough focaccia bread. This recipe is made with 100% sourdough starter and makes delicious bread to eat as a sandwich or to enjoy…

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What Sourdough Recipes Should I start with?

I have so many good sourdough recipes on my site! Lots of recipes for sourdough breads and recipes that use up sourdough discard. I recommend starting with an artisan bread recipe or even my favorite sourdough sandwich bread.

Have a Sourdough Question?

Check out my Sourdough FAQ page with frequently asked questions. Ask your question in the comments or come find me on instagram where I answer sourdough and baking questions daily. My goal is to help you on your sourdough journey, making sourdough bread approachable and easy to integrate into your life.

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