I am a big believer in using what you have until you know if you are going to use it enough to justify the cost. This is an ongoing list of some of my favorite baking items to use in the kitchen if you are looking for something great.

These are affiliate links. If you buy something through the link, I will receive a small amount of compensation. With that said, I am only recommending things that I absolutely love, use and have purchased myself.

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Sourdough Baking Tools

For a whole list of all my essential sourdough kitchen tools, check out this post:

Baking Pans

  • Half Sheet Baking Sheets: I love these USA baking sheets. They make amazing cookies, have held up so well over the years and they are my all time favorites. I also love using them for sheet cakes, like this popular White Texas Sheet Cake. You won’t regret purchasing them!
  • Muffin Tins: We eat a lot of muffins and I love these muffin tins. I don’t need to use a liner unless I want to and the muffins bake up and release perfectly.
  • Parchment Paper: Technically not a pan, but I love this Costco Kirkland brand parchment paper so much. During the pandemic I had to try many different brands of parchment paper due to shortages and found this parchment paper was my favorite. It holds up well in high temperatures and is easy to use.

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Cook Books

  • The Perfect Loaf: Are you looking for a book to help you understand sourdough? This book is the one! It’s helped solidify answers to sourdough questions I had and helped me bake better sourdough bread. This is my top pick for a sourdough bread book.
  • Tartine: This reads as more of a story than a cookbook, though my sourdough artisan bread recipe is loosely based off of Tartine’s techniques. I owe my original love of sourdough to this cookbook and it taught me the basics. It also has beautiful pictures throughout the book.


1. Bosch Mixer: This is an investment. If you are planning to make bread often (as in, you rarely or never buy bread at the store), this machine is worth purchasing. I also use it for large batches of cookie dough–but not with cookie paddles (they are too liable to break). It does best with soft butter and large batches of dough. The motor on this mixer is a workhorse–definitely worth the investment if you bake a lot. If you like the Bosch but want a lower price point and won’t be making large batches, look into the Nutrimill Artiste Mixer.

2. KitchenAid Mixer: I love a KitchenAid mixer, specifically for smaller batch of dough, making cookies and quickly whipping up cream. It looks bright and beautiful in a kitchen. Beware, the motor is not quite as powerful as other mixers so if you plan to use it primarily for bread, be careful not to overheat the motor.

  • Pasta Attachment: I love the pasta attachment for the KitchenAid. It makes quick work of homemade pasta.
  • Food Mill Attachment: You actually need the grinder and the food mill attachment to use it as a food mill. We love homemade applesauce and I also use it to process tomatoes in the summer.

3. Ankarsrum Mixer: The Cadillac of mixers, the Ankarsrum is a Swedish based mixer that has rave reviews. It’s the most expensive of the three and has a learning curve, but is a great option if you have the money to spend.

Looking for Some Delicious Recipes to Make with a Stand Mixer?


I make a whole lot of homemade pizza for our weekly pizza nights. I love making this sourdough crust but also have recipes for other delicious pizza crust here and here. Sometimes we’ll change it up and make delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

  • Ooni Pizza Oven: This pizza oven first perfectly on my porch and turns out the most delicious pizza. It’s a splurge but if you love Neapolitan style pizza, it’s worth saving up for. I love using this ooni-style pizza dough and this sourdough pizza dough with the ooni pizza oven.
  • Deep Dish Pizza Pan: I have a similar pan to this one that I use for deep-dish pizza but also for my favorite sourdough focaccia bread.
  • Pizza Stone: For pizza made at home without an outdoor pizza oven, I love using a pizza stone in my oven to get a crispy crust.
  • 00 Flour: To take your pizza to the next level, try using type 00 flour. It creates a crispier and chewier crust. We really love it in our pizza dough. I can also find this flour at my local Kroger now, so check your local grocery store–you may find it at a better price.

Favorite Pizza Recipes

Kitchen Tools


I love canning certain foods (tomatoes, applesauce, jams) in the summer/fall months. I currently only can things using a water bath canning method. Here are some of my favorite canning products:

  • Canning Pot: I use a pot for large batches, but you can also use any large pot you have in your kitchen.
  • Ball Wide Mouth Jars: I love the wide-mouth jars. I buy them in all different sizes. I’m linking them here, but definitely check your local grocery store. I get them on sale often. Make sure to thoroughly sanitize the jars before using.
  • Canning Starter Kit: This starter kit has the basics of what you’ll need to get started with canning. The jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter and funnel are especially helpful.
  • Pomona’s Pectin: This is a great option for making homemade jam that is low in sugar. It is very easy to use and makes delicious jam. We love it!

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Miscellaneous Products

Disposable Shower Caps: One of the best tip is to cover rising dough with a disposable shower cap. You can re-use the shower caps and it keeps the warmth in and the bread moist. I’ve also recently purchased beautiful handmade covers that are washable and I’m loving. Check them out here.

Thermometer: Temperature is very important to bread – especially sourdough bread. Sourdough loves a temperature in the 76-80 degree F range. Taking the temperature of your bread dough and ingredients with a thermometer will help you know to add warmer or cooler water and give you time ranges for when dough is ready.

Vitamix Blender: I bought this from Costco years ago, but I love it. I don’t just use it for smoothies. It’s great to grind nuts, oats and other mix-ins I often add to my breads.

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