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sourdough mashed potato rolls

Sourdough Mashed Potato Rolls

Are you ready for this?! A seriously amazing roll recipe that is perfect for those leftover mashed potatoes that seem to be hanging around in the refrigerator after the holidays. Leftover mashed potato gives these rolls the best texture: soft, fluffy and so tender! Sourdough mashed potato rolls also hold up longer than regular dinner… Continue reading →

No Knead Sourdough Crescent Rolls

Rolls are one of my favorite, easy ways to make a dinner go from good to memorable. If you’re looking for the perfect little roll to go with Thanksgiving dinner, a weekend meal or something fun for a weeknight, these no knead sourdough crescent rolls are amazing. Buttery, super soft and just delicious: they will… Continue reading →

Cranberry Apple Pie (Sourdough Pie Crust)

If I could choose any pie to bring to Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Pi Night or whenever I see cranberries in season at my local grocery store, this is it! Fresh cranberry apple pie with an amazing flaky sourdough pie crust is delicious. The cranberries add a little tartness to the sweet apples, and that hint of… Continue reading →


Sourdough Pie Crust

It has taken me years to master a really good pie crust. I’ve always enjoyed this simple “press-in-the-pan” version but the flaky “Thanksgiving pie crust” or “Pi-day” pie crust seemed elusive. I’m happy to say that this sourdough discard pie crust has stepped up my pie game. Flaky layers, the tiniest bit of tang (if… Continue reading →

Sourdough Cornbread

Fluffy Sourdough Cornbread

It’s fall season as I’m writing this, and I am thinking about chili, which always calls for delicious cornbread. This sourdough cornbread is fluffy, tender, light and absolutely my favorite cornbread to make this time of year. It is quick to whip up and makes the perfect side dish for dinner. My little guy loves… Continue reading →

One Week Family Road Trip in Italy

This summer we planned and enjoyed a fabulous trip to Italy as a family. My husband and I have traveled to Italy before and been to most of the “major” tourist cities, so for this trip we decided to stay off the beaten path and visit some new-to-us places with only a few old favorites.… Continue reading →

Sourdough Rye Bread

Sourdough Rye bread inspired by the rye bread eaten daily in the Czech Republic. This rye bread is made with 100% sourdough, rye, whole wheat flour and caraway seeds. It is the perfect bread for a sandwich or to eat with a bit of butter.… Continue reading →


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