Gift Guide For A Sourdough Baker

Sometimes finding the perfect gift is HARD! And if you’re more experienced sourdough baker (or are shopping for one), you may have an eclectic collection of things. I’m here to help you find the perfect gift for the sourdough baker in your life (or yourself!). I’ve been baking with sourdough for over ten years and these are all items that I have either purchased myself or would love to be gifted! I am an affiliate for most of these items, which means I get a small commission if you purchase through my link. I only recommend things I truly love or would buy myself. Thank you for your support!

Gifts an Experienced Sourdough Baker will Love

If you’ve been baking sourdough for 6 months or longer, you probably know by now if you want to stick with it! These items are for bakers who have decided they really love baking with sourdough and would love an item or two to enhance their bread baking.

  • Proofing Box: I wished I’d purchased one of these sooner in my sourdough baking journey. This has been the biggest game changer for my winter baking, when my house is cold and temperature fluctuates. This proofing box allows me to keep the temperature of my starter and dough warm enough for it to ferment well. It’s a big ticket item, but it’s been one of my best purchases of the last year.
  • Bakers Couche: If you’re an advanced sourdough baker, chances are you have tried your hand at making baguettes. A bakers couche is a fancy French linen that is used to hold baguettes as they rise. Lots of fun for an advanced baker!
  • Cookbook: The best sourdough cookbook I’ve found is called The Perfect Loaf. Written by Maurizio Leo, it’s won a James Beard Award and is wonderful for beginners and seasoned bakers alike. It gives great background information and reasons. If you’re looking for a great cookbook to give a sourdough baker, this is the one!
  • Wire Monkey Bread Lames: Scoring is part of the fun in baking sourdough bread. It’s where your creative side can take over and you can make beautiful designs on your loaves of sourdough bread. These Wire Monkey bread lames are the best of the best. They make scoring easy and offer a few different designs that are fun to try. Get 10% off using my link!
  • 00 Flour: 00 flour is a specialty Italian flour that’s used to bake pizza and other yummy breads. A special type of flour would make a great gift for an advanced baker. You could also add some kamut or einkorn flour if you wanted.
  • Pizza Peel: A good quality pizza peel is not just for pizza! I use it for baguettes, bread bowls and any breads I bake on a baking stone in my oven. It’s a great gift for an advanced baker. You could also check out this Ooni pizza oven if you’re shopping for a sourdough pizza lover.
  • Bread Mat: If you’re tired of using parchment paper, a bread mat is a helpful tool. You can turn your dough out onto the re-useable mat instead of using parchment paper.
  • Dutch Oven: These Dutch ovens are a little more on the pricy side, but they are perfect for a home baker who wants to get that perfect loaf. I love the Emile Henry brand, and their bread and potato pot has been my go-to for baking round loaves. I can fit two in my oven at a time, which is very helpful! For an oval loaf I have been eyeing the Challenger bread pan. It looks like the perfect Dutch oven for an advanced baker. Another good option for an oval loaf is this cast iron fryer, which is a little cheaper.
  • Mixing Bowl: I am on the hunt for a beautiful mixing bowl to mix up my sourdough breads. When you’re mixing by hand it’s nice to have a good quality mixing bowl. This set of glass bowls comes in good sizes for sourdough and they have lids. Also, this one by Emile Henry is a splurge but a great size and quality.
  • Dough Whisk: Sourdough bakers often get their hands sticky when mixing dough, so a Danish Dough Whisk is an awesome gift. I love this dishwasher-safe version from Brod and Taylor. If you’re looking for an incredible handmade option, you’ve got to check out Barlow & Co for their beautiful dough whisks (use AMYBAKES10 for 10% off).
  • Sourdough Apparel Shirt/Hats/Aprons: Sometimes you just want something cute and fun to give to your favorite baker. I love these sourdough specific items: hat, shirt & bag.

Gifts Any Baker Will Love

  • Bosch Mixer: I love my Bosch mixer, and it’s still going strong in year 7. It’s perfect for kneading many loaves of sandwich bread and other delicious breads that are best using a mechanical mixer. If you are looking for a special ticket item for a serious home baker, this is an incredible machine. If the price of this machine is too much, check out the NutriMill Artiste Mixer. A step down from the Bosch in size and motor power, but still a great machine for kneading bread dough.
  • KitchenAid Mixer: I also love my KitchenAid mixer and use it as much or more than the Bosch. I think the KitchenAid is easier to clean, though not quite as powerful as a Bosch. If you want a machine for cookies, cakes or icings, this is the machine I would choose. It doesn’t have quite the power for long-term bread kneading when compared to a Bosch.

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