Best Thanksgiving Sourdough Recipes

Alright friends, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year” and Thanksgiving kicks it off! So what sourdough recipes are you making for your Thanksgiving dinner this year? These are some of the recipes you need to make the most of your sourdough starter during this holiday season.


It’s not Thanksgiving without rolls. I’ve compiled a list of all the best roll recipes that use sourdough in them, whether using sourdough discard or 100% natural yeast, these are the recipes you’ll want on your Thanksgiving table.

Sourdough Stuffing

I don’t know about you, but stuffing is one of my favorites. This sourdough stuffing is one you will definitely want for your holiday dinner. It uses crusty artisan bread and tastes absolutely delicious. Don’t buy boxed stuffing this year…make this instead.

Pie Crust

Every home baker needs a good homemade pie crust recipe in their back pocket. This sourdough discard version is exceptional. It can be used for any number of pies sweet or savory. It is light, flaky and rolls out so well, and it bakes up sturdy and flaky. Basically, my perfect pie crust! You will love using it for your pies this year.

Pie Recipes

You’ll also need a recipe for a traditional pumpkin pie – mine has sourdough discard in it! Or my favorite apple pie that pairs so well with a sourdough crust. I have so many delicious pie recipes on my website, you’ll definitely need to try a few!

Centerpieces you can Eat

If you’re looking for an edible way to decorate for Thanksgiving this year, these pumpkin-shaped sourdough breads are so beautiful, festive and delicious. Make your sourdough shaped like a pumpkin and serve it after you enjoy looking at it!

And if you’re looking to use up some sourdough discard in your Thanksgiving meal, remember you can add discard to almost any baked good. Here’s how:

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